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Company is a service provided by the company poWer SAS, a LLC.
poWer SAS a Limited Liability Company with a capital amounting to €8,000, domiciled at 12 Place de la Défense Maison de la Défense 92974 Paris La Défense Cedex and registered at the Register of Commerce and Trade of CRETEIL under number 539 015 826.

General manager :
M. Guillaume COURSIN.
poWer SAS is a limited company in the process of being created, whose website is also published by poWer SAS, LLC.

Publication management

Publication manager :

M. Guillaume COURSIN.

power-sas declines any responsibility regarding the content, accuracy, legality and proper functioning of third-party websites referred in this website.

Contact us

eMail :
Internet :

Guillaume COURSIN
Personal email adress :
Phone number : +33.(0)6 18 39 17 38


The “services” section is an Internet portal, which provides companies with information regarding sales forces-centered solutions and innovations. 

The publishing firm, poWer SAS, is an independent company and a reseller of the solutions available on the services section.

The shareholders of poWer SAS own the French trademark poWer sas ® registered under numbers 4010798 and 3977669. 

All rights reserved.

Website hosting

The website is hosted by WIX.COM.

Domain name

The domain name “” is managed by 1and1 an Internet LLC. LLC with a capital of EUR 100,000. SIRET number 431 303 775 000 16 – APE n°: 642 B - Register of Commerce and Trade (R.C.S) Sarreguemines B 431 303 775.

Personal data privacy

In accordance with the law, you have the right to access and rectify your personal data. The request has to be sent by post to “poWer SAS, 12 Place de la Défense Maison de la Défense 92974 Paris La Défense Cedex”.

CDO : M. Guillaume COURSIN

​poWer sas only uses data that is strictly necessary to operate the platform. If you’d like to know more about your personal data, please write to :

You’ll find below a list of personal information used by the platform for the various services offered :

Personal data :  

- Email adress

- Surname

- Name           

- Phone number

- Company

Services :

- Newsletters Mailings / Email exchange

- Cost estimate request

- Invoicing request

- Personalized cost estimate request

- Invoicing estimate

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